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A collection of "smart dots" brought together by experience and a passion for our work. We love the culture we’ve created... the "dot" culture.


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Martine Abi-Aad
Managing Director


An accomplished business strategist and project manager, with a computer engineering background, Martine is Smart-dot’s owner and managing director.
A true team player, with over 12 years business experience more than 9 in management - she sets the tone for all the work we do, and how we do it.


& CREATIVE directorS


This is our vibrant think-tank of marketing experts and creative directors. Their combined skills, knowledge and experience add value to the company’s capabilities.
Addicted to design perfection, they drive us to ever greater heights.




We’re a talented and creative team in our own right. And lots more... software developers, computer engineers, designers and skilled marketing professionals, all working closely together to promote your company, your brand, your message.
We regularly refresh and update our technical and creative skills which gives us that added competitive edge in the marketplace.